Anko Electronics was one of the first computer peripheral manufacturing companies, as well as one of the original PC game controller manufacturers in the world. Our products have been bundled with top tier computers and with top brand names since the 1980s.

Anko's subsidiary, Anko Marketing, has been doing business from our office in the United States since 1998. Originally specializing in game controllers, we have expanded our product line to include USB accessories, optical media (CD/DVD) and most recently iPod accessories and USB Flash Drives. Our iPod Cassette Adapter has won recommendation with MacWorld Magazine.

Anko products are manufactured in the certified ISO-9001 compliant factory in Asia. With an emphasis in R&D, Anko is committed to developing new technologies, advanced systems, high-end devices and specialty niche items.

With a solid background in the development and manufacture of products for the gaming and computer industries, Anko has responded to the growing demand for quality digital home entertainment electronic products.

When you line up our products -- from PC joysticks to game consoles, to the newly developed electronic devices -- Anko has proven to be a reliable partner and a strong contender in the electronics industry. Our technology, responsiveness, competitive pricing and high quality products allow us to outperform any other manufacturer in our markets.